How to Get Your Head Straight before You Seek Your First Home

Do you have a vision of the perfect home in your mind's eye, complete with all of its fixtures and fittings, even down to that white picket fence? Many people who are looking for their first home will often have this utopian picture front and centre, so when they find something that is even remotely similar, they may be tempted to snap it up. Emotions will almost certainly come into the frame here even though, in an ideal world, they wouldn't. This is why it is so important to have some professional advisers on your side to make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. What questions should you ask yourself as you continue your search?

Money Talks

Firstly, you need to set parameters, and this is especially true when it comes to your budget. You may be lucky enough to have extensive resources of your own, but if not, you may be relying on a bank or lender to help you achieve your goal. Discuss the situation with them and come away with a figure. Make sure that you always have this in mind and don't be tempted to overstretch when making your choice.

Hidden Secrets

Assuming that the property fits in with your vision and is below your financial threshold, make sure that you look very closely at its integrity. It may look perfectly fine on the outside, but what may be hiding underneath? Bring in a fully qualified and experienced inspector to look carefully at the building and check for any pests, especially termites. If this inspection brings up something significant, figure out whether you want to deal with the hassle or can afford to make the necessary alterations within the budget.

Rolling up Your Sleeves?

Some people look for a property that they can treat as a 'fixer-upper', but you shouldn't underestimate the toll this may take on you and your family as you're trying to settle in. Work like this will almost certainly take a lot more time and involve a greater amount of money than you had originally anticipated, so do you really want to deal with the stress if you can help it?

Do the Walk

Always be prepared to walk away, no matter how much this may hurt initially. You must approach this decision with your head and not your heart, and even though you may have had enough of the grind and are ready to make your choice, don't cave in.


An experienced property conveyancer will help you to get through this entire process and make the paperwork easy to digest. Make sure they are part of your team of professionals helping you as you look for your ideal home.

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